indigofera tinctoria linn

locally grown & used in Northeastern Thailand for natural indigo dyes since centuries

making natural indigo paste

by mixing liquid extracted from natural indigo leaves with red lime obtained by burning limestone

highly skilled local artisans of textile co-ops we have been working with

hand-spinning hand-dyed yarn before hand-weaving them into fabrics

handspun & handwoven naturally dyed fabrics

created with traditional handloom and used as 'green materials' for Dhammarts' products

fair & sustainable development for rural people

improving local livelihood through sustainable income

Welcome to Dhammarts, heartmade meditation supplies

Dhammarts' top quality products combine nature with craftsmanship. Our finely selected raw materials are 100% local cotton, 100% indigo & naturally dyed and mostly handspun and handwoven fabrics. The products are creatively designed and manufactured by professionals in the field of meditation supplies.

Dhammarts makes it easy to create a tranquil meditation ambience in your own home with our main product lines of meditation cushions, meditation mats, meditation benches, hand-hammered singing bowls, bells & gongs, massage tools, indigo and naturally dyed apparels as well as accessories, and many more.

Dhammarts offers high quality meditation supplies while ensuring that our core working values are fundamentally based on 4 principles: natural, sustainable, ethical and fair.

We hope to support all meditation practitioners in "sitting brightly and comfortably", which can lead to the self-discovery of how to live each moment peacefully, productively and happily.
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