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“Dhammarts” = “Dhamma” + “Arts”

Born and raised in Thailand, Dhammarts’ founder came into contact from an early age with the Buddha’s “Dhamma” – the way of nature. One method of experiencing the Dhamma is by noticing the changing nature of the body and mind through meditation. Continued practice can result in an increasing capacity for mindfulness and a reduction in stress. This process – coming to know the truth and developing oneself – can be freely practiced by everyone, at any time, in any place, regardless of race, community or religion.

In this context, “Arts” refers to the fine crafts that support and encourage our customers to meditate.

The idea behind “Dhammarts” arose also out of passion for folk arts and crafts, pride in local wisdom as well as the inspiration from spiritual practice.


Dhammarts Philosophy

Our work ethic is based on 4 principles:

Providing top quality meditation supplies for our customers

Dhammarts focuses on selecting the best products for meditation practitioners.

Promoting environmentally friendly raw materials & production

Dhammarts mostly uses 100% locally grown cotton and natural dyes.

Pursuing sustainable income and development for rural people

Dhammarts supports several textile co-operatives in Northeastern Thailand. By providing support for their work, you help us contribute to the preservation of ancient natural indigo dyeing & weaving techniques and the sustainable socio-economic development of rural Thailand.

A promise to donate some profits to social, environmental or economic developmental projects

Dhammarts believes in living a good life: good for oneself and good for others. We share our benefits to non-profit organizations, not only in Thailand but also all over the world.


In the striving to inspire your spiritual practice by providing our heartmade meditation supplies,

Your Dhammarts Team

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