Buckwheat Hull Zafu – 19ST


Earth and practitioner friendly meditation cushion filled with organic buckwheat hulls


Removable & washable zipped cushion cover made of handspun & handwoven natural indigo dyed fabrics


Design, assembly & quality control in France




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Our Buckwheat Hull Zafu provides stable support and conforms perfectly to each individual’s shape.
The buckwheat hulls move “quietly” to where you want them. Compared to other fills, they do not conduct or reflect heat, and are more breathable. They tend to have a much longer life span than most fills and are considered hypoallergenic.

We stuff our Buckwheat Hull Zafu with approx. 1.8 kg of organic buckwheat hulls enclosed in a zipped muslin shell making it easy to add/remove buckwheat.

The zafu outer cover is made of durable handspun and handwoven indigo dyed fabrics with a carry handle and pockets. Removable zipped cover for easy washing.

Dimensions: Ø 34cm, height 15cm

Color: indigo blue with traditional patterns “Kled Lan” (shell of a local animal) & “Saifon” (shower of rain)

Buckwheat Hull Zafu – 19ST
Our Fabrics:

  • Handspun and handwoven fabrics
  • Use of indigo and natural dyes
  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional or modern patterns with over 170 years of fabric experience
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Made in Thailand

Our Cushion Filling:

  • Organic buckwheat hulls imported from Germany

Care Instructions
The outer zipped cover:

  • Wash in cold water using mild detergent
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not bleach
  • Exposure to sunlight and repeated washing may lead to color fading

The inner zipped muslin shell that holds the buckwheat hulls is also removable and washable! Be sure to pour out buckwheat before washing shell. Buckwheat hulls should NOT get wet. You may easily add or remove buckwheat if desired.