Portable Shoggi Seiza, 16SS


Finely handcrafted authentic meditation bench made of real beechwood


Specially designed for easy storage and frequent mobility


Coming in a set with a complimentary bench bag

*price per set



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In collaboration with Atelier Gaubert who created the original SHOGGI® in 1983, Dhammarts proudly offers another excellent alternative to the traditional meditation cushions/benches for people who have difficulty meditating with their leg crossed – our Portable Shoggi Seiza. This type of meditation bench is suitable for practicing in the traditional Japanese kneeling posture called “Seiza”.

Finely handcrafted from real beechwood (originating from well-managed forests in France) with natural wood finish with linseed oil. Thanks to its oval curved seat, our Portable Shoggi Seiza is specially designed to give your body and your back the proper support in order to sit comfortably for extended periods of time. The crescent splayed legs of the bench give a firm foundation and, moreover, allow for the adjustment of individual sitting posture and spinal alignment.

Each meditation bench is one of a kind, made by Atelier Gaubert who are experts in the mechanics of wood processing. This handmade, nicely shaped meditation bench is stable while in use, yet very practical and easy for storage. The legs hold the bench firmly in position without any annoying metal hinge and are easily removable without making a clapping noise. The bench can be easily dismantled and quickly reassembled. You can conveniently take it with you to your group meditation or meditation retreat.

To carry your portable meditation bench and to protect the finish, we offer a complimentary bench bag for each Shoggi. The bench bag is made of 100% cotton, hand woven and indigo/natural dyed fabrics.*

*Each meditation bench is unique due to natural variations in wood. Patterns of the complimentary bench bag may vary slightly, depending on the availability of each pattern in our stock.


Portable Shoggi Seiza, 16SS

Seat 41cm x 20cm
Front height 13.5cm
Back height 16cm
Wood thickness 1.5cm for the seat, 2.5cm for the feet
Weight approx. 1.45kg

Meditation Bench: made in France

Bench Bag: made in Thailand

Care Instructions
For Meditation Bench:

Use a clean, soft cloth and wipe down the surface of the wood.

For Bench Bag:

  • Wash in cold water using mild detergent
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not bleach
  • Exposure to sunlight and repeated washing may lead to color fading
  • Warm iron if needed