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Dhammarts’ pop-up booth

WHEN : 31.07. – 04.08.2019

WHERE : at Les 100 Ciels in Les Gets (Haute Savoie), France


Dhammarts is so grateful to be able to once again participate in this warm event in the middle of the French Alps.

Come to meet us, the maker, touch & try our “heartmade meditation supplies” directly at Les 100 Ciels ! New, freshly handcrafted & limited-edition accessories for meditation, yoga and massage are awaiting you there!

At the event there are great alternative ways to take care of yourself to be discovered. Practitioners in the field of health & wellness and local artisans will be there to show you their talents! Come and do yourself good!

Booking is required for all workshops, on the spot or via this link:

Les 100 Ciels…
the “dream” of summer.



Lots of new limited-edition items of Dhammarts to be discovered at La pépinière des Arts du Vivant – Collaborative Day

WHEN: 06.04.2019 ; 9:00-19:00

WHERE: Centre Val d’Or, séminaires et stages

             355 Grande Rue, 01260 Ruffieu en Valromey


Come & find a nice gift that will do you good and that will allow us to preserve a valuable ancient natural indigo dyeing & weaving techniques.

Looking forward to meeting you there and sharing our sustainable and fair journey with you.

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Collaboration with Kru Aek & his local artisans in Nan Province, Thailand

Dhammarts started the new year 2019 with a proactive approach as we wish to be of some help to more textile communities who set people and the environment as the central role of their working ethics than making profit at any cost.

This time we went to explore a faraway northern province of Thailand, where we found hidden treasure of a learning centre on natural dyes, established since 1993 by Kru Aek – a former rural development practitioner.

Having strong passion and great determination in the preservation of naturally dyed handwoven cotton textile, Kru Aek currently works with approx. 50 local artisans of four different villages in Nan Province. He encourages them to go more earth-friendly by cultivating organic cotton farming and developing sustainable natural dyeing using locally found/grown plants. Their chemical-free natural dye is clearly distinguishable by its color as they love to mix several plant-/mineral-based dyed colors together and by doing so they create new beautiful unique color tones.

Dhammarts is so happy to collaborate with Kru Aek and his local artisans by purchasing their handspun & handwoven fabrics for using as “green base materials” for small batch production of our handcrafted meditation supplies, naturally dyed apparels & accessories. We’re really looking forward to integrating various naturally dyed tones and the unique hand-weaving technique locally called “Jok” with traditional motifs of Thai-Lue ethnic group into our product lines.

In respect of time-consuming handmade crafts, we already placed our orders with enough time for hand-production. Dhammarts also provides financial assistance, for example by making some advance payments on orders to help local artisans finance the production processes.

This year, we will also support those four local textile communities financially in their organic cotton farming. By reinvesting in such a worthy cause, we provide them with supplementary works that help generate additional income and earn a decent livelihood.

Stay tuned and help us contribute to the preservation of natural dyeing and hand-weaving techniques as well as the sustainable socio-economic development of rural people!





Plenty of Dhammarts’ new items to discover at the Wellness Fair in Prévessin-Moëns this weekend (24.-25.11.2018):

  • zafus / zabutons in different new patterns
  • naturally dyed casual wear made of handspun, handwoven fabrics and hand-embroidered decor
  • self-massage tools of more ergonomic shape than in the past

Come & find a nice gift that will do you good and that will help us maintain these ancient, well-worth-preserving artisanal skills.

We’re looking forward to meeting you there and sharing our sustainable and fair journey with you.

For more information, please visit


Dhammarts’ pop-up booth at Les 100 Ciels

WHERE: at Les 100 Ciels in Les Gets, France
WHEN: 01.08.-05.08.2018


We’re so grateful to be able to participate in this event for the 2nd year 🙂

Come to meet us, the maker, touch & try our “heartmade meditation supplies” directly at Les 100 Ciels ! New, freshly handcrafted & limited-edition accessories for meditation, yoga and massage are awaiting you there!

More details about the event, please visit


Save the dates & come to discover our handcrafted accessories for meditation, yoga and massage at:

27-29 April 2018 (FRI: 11.30pm – 8.30pm, SAT: 10am – 6pm, SUN: 10am – 4pm)

OM MARKET – Yoga Festival Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère, France
Tel.: (+33)



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Experiences during a small retreat in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India (16.-26.01.2018)

Apart from learning from teachers or books and from applying what we have learned to the new experiences and events we encounter in our daily lives, I personally believe that we can enhance our own practice by going on a retreat, either on one’s own or in a group.

The fact that Bodh Gaya, India, is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment and where many great spiritual practitioners stay and perform meditation rituals makes the atmosphere of the place “something special”. That’s the main reason why I chose to come here (again).

Situated in one of the poorest areas of India, the utter yet kind of charming chaos and messiness of the village helps “unlock” or “loosen up” the controlling and too square tendency in me. This unique place helps me learn fast to adapt myself to new environments and take things as they are.

By means of my project “Dhammarts” I have been promoting meditation and its benefits in everyday life. Many scientific and medical researches attest that continued practice of noticing the changing nature of the body and mind through meditation can, for instance, result in an increasing awareness and a reduction in stress. This process – coming to know the truth and developing oneself – can be freely practiced by everyone, at anytime, in any place, regardless of race, community or religion.

During this trip, I also had the rare opportunity to meet one of the greatest non-sectarian spiritual leaders and a tireless worker for peace of our time – the Dalai Lama. I was so touched to experience him as a humble person and to listen to his teachings: >> We can make a significant contribution to the world humanity by cultivating our own inner peace. << (addressed at Watpa Bodhgaya on 25.01.2018). “Hygiene of emotions” is the universal and timeless aspect to be practiced for our own inner peace and mental health, which certainly again affects our physical health.

Irrespective of race, social status, religion etc., he treats everybody equally with humbleness, kindness, love and compassion – something he embodies naturally. To witness that was very inspiring for me, especially considering, as you know, the kind of background he comes from and what kind of difficulties he had to face.

Many thanks to everyone and everything that allowed me to have these experiences during this retreat, which will remain with me – always,

Bow / Dhammarts

Special thanks for many nice photos from Nong Bua & those precious of the Dalai Lama from Nong Joy!





Dhammarts says “Thank you, Merci, Danke!” to our brand friends for the great year 2017



Looking for handmade meditation supplies to create a tranquil ambience at home or unique special gifts for the festive season?

Save the dates and come to meet us, the Maker, at:

25 & 26 November 2017, 10:00-19:00


Salle Gaston Laverrière
1168 route du Stade
Tel.: (+33)

Plenty of our handmade natural indigo-dyed zafus, zubutons, clothing and many more – with new motives/patterns, which we haven’t launched in our online shops yet, will be waiting for you there!

Hope to see you!


A much needed boost to the economic recovery for local artisans after the recent heavy flash flood in the northeast of Thailand

In spite of the flood, life goes on: Representatives of the communities we’ve been working with since years came to Bangkok to spread their beautiful natural indigo dyed handicrafts. There is no better time to support them more than now! So, we placed big orders of fabrics until the beginning of next year already 🙂




Dhammarts’ pop-up booth at Les 100 Ciels

Come to meet us, the maker, and touch & try our “heartmade meditation supplies” directly at Les 100 Ciels !

More details about the event, please visit


Dhammarts’ pop-up booths in Chamonix & Les Gets, France

Discover our “heartmade meditation supplies” at Dhammarts’ pop-up booths in Chamonix & Les Gets, France.

Plenty of limited edition, earth-friendly zafus, zabutons, support cushions as well as natural indigo & natural dyed apparels and accessories will be waiting for you there… Hope to see you  🙂


Dhammarts says Thank you, Merci, Danke!

In the month of giving like December, Dhammarts would like to thank our brand friends for the great year 2016: Get 16% off everything in our Etsy Shop with coupon code ‘MERCI2016’.*

*Valid until 23.12.2016 for purchases over 50€ in our Etsy Shop only.



Dhammarts’ Exclusive Private Sales

Looking for inspiration for your own meditation practice or unique gifts for your loved ones?

Visit us at:

Dhammarts’ Exclusive Private Sales
Centre Yakushidô
30, rue Montbrillant
1201 Geneva
tel.: 022 733 03 66


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