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Dhammarts’ journey started in September 2012 when we got a great opportunity to participate in a NGO’s project focusing on helping artisans in a rural Thai province famous for its traditional indigo hand-dyeing and handloom weaving techniques to improve their production processes and develop a business strategy. Dhammarts was integrated into the project as a social entrepreneur opening up a new business channel for those highly skilled yet marginalized dyers & weavers. From that time up to now, Dhammarts has been supporting local artisans from four textile cooperatives (communities/villages) by purchasing their handspun & handwoven fabrics for using as “green base materials” for small batch production of our handcrafted meditation supplies, indigo and naturally dyed apparels and accessories.

A good business can co-exist with nature and human.

Dhammarts considers itself as a social business and is firmly convinced that a “good” business should seek and achieve social and environmental purposes as its highest goals. Dhammarts also believes that environmental and social conditions can be changed within the economic system by ethical production and consumption.

Dhammarts is committed to pursuing the balance between planet, people and profit. People and the environment play a central role rather than making profit at any cost. Much of the profit we make is reinvested in their cause and shared with other projects embodying the same values.

Dhammarts’ core values all along our journey:


Dhammarts demands quality not only just in the products we purchase/trade but also in the life of the people who made it. By using natural raw materials and solely natural & chemical-free plant-based dyes, we contribute to the protection of the environment and the health of those working in the fields and with the dyes. Our raw materials, motives, patterns and designs get greatly inspired by natural surroundings of the creators.


The planning and implementation of all our projects are primarily focused on sustainability, both economically and ecologically. In economical aspect, Dhammarts promotes self-sufficiency. Apart from rice farming as the artisans’ principal source of income, we provide them with supplementary works that help generate additional income and earn a decent livelihood. In ecological aspect, we pursue environmental sustainability by using biological resources in the community as raw materials of our products, by hand-manufacturing in a small scale and a “not-interfering-with-nature” manner, as well as by sharing our profits for conservation and restoration of natural resources.


Business ethics and values are of the utmost importance for Dhammarts. Our finished products are handcrafted from natural raw material & production in the pursuit of the sustainable socio-economic development for rural people. By purchasing their handmade fabrics on a regular basis, Dhammarts contributes to the preservation of ancient natural indigo dyeing and weaving techniques. Our local artisans can use the profits they earn from trading with us to strengthen local communities.

In long-term support for their handicrafts, Dhammarts envisions future generations who will realize that their naturally dyed and handwoven crafts are highly expertised artisanal skills worth preserving and can be a sustainable activity that allows them to generate sufficient income in order to maintain themselves/their family without having to migrate from the countryside to find work in urban factories and becoming distanced from their roots.


For Dhammarts, fair business doesn’t just mean paying a fair price. Fair means a long-term relationship between Dhammarts, our artisans and our producer partners based on mutual respect and transparency. Fairness enables all people involved in our business projects to at least alleviate poverty at the household level and to sustain themselves economically in the long run. In respect of time-consuming handmade crafts, we place our orders with enough time for hand production. We provide financial assistance, for example by making some advance payments on orders to help local artisans finance the production processes and by investing in spare parts of the weaving handlooms on request.

Many thanks for taking interest in our journey!

Let’s be part of an alternative conscious way of balancing human need with your earth and society friendly impact!



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